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Moving Checklists

1 Month Before Moving


Submit a Change of Address form to the post office.


Arrange special transportation for your pets and plants.


Contact utility and related companies (gas, electric, oil, water, telephone, cable TV and trash collection) for service disconnect/connect at your old and new addresses. However, remember to keep phone and utilities connected at your current home throughout moving day.


Contact coverage companies (auto, homeowner’s or renter’s, medical and life) to arrange for coverage in your new home.

2 Weeks Before Moving


If driving, have your car checked and serviced for the trip. Also, make sure that your automobile is prepared (filled with the necessary antifreeze/coolant, for example) for the type of weather conditions you’ll be traveling in.


If you’re moving out of or into a building with elevators, contact the building management to schedule use of the elevators.


Contact your relocation consultant to review and confirm all arrangements for your move.



Moving Day!

Moving Day is here! Did you get all your packing done? The crew will arrive soon. Here’s some last minute things to do.


Make sure that someone is at home to answer the van foreman’s questions


Record all utility meter readings (gas, electric, water).


Pack your bed sheets somewhere you can easliy find them when the crew delivers your goods such as; a blanket chest.


Put all your important papers in a file and place them in your car before the movers arrive.

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